Hand lever grease gun
Hand lever grease gun with high-pressure hose and gripper mouthpiece - suitable for our special grease EP/SAL.

Propeller nut with zinc anode
Propeller nut with zinc cap in various key widths for different shaft threads. Please select the appropriate product. We manufacture other sizes on request. Give us a call - we will be happy to advise you.

from €96.15*
Rope cutter
The SPW rope cutter is a great help in saving lives and ships. The rotation of the propeller draws loose obstacles floating in the water, such as ropes, nets, plastic and seagrass, directly into the cutting edges of the rope cutter and then cuts them immediately. This happens before the obstacles damage the drive and/or the engine and therefore render the ship unable to maneuver. The load on the drive is minimal and is so effective that you hardly feel it. The SPW rope cutters are attached around the shaft with two halves of the propeller guard; no need to remove the propeller. The rope cutter ... is quick and easy to fit ... offers an effective design for cutting ropes, nets & seagrass, among other things ... results in low maintenance costs; only inspection during the yearly "check-up" when the ship comes out of the water. The SPW rope cutter (2-part) is available for shaft diameters of 25, 30 and 35 mm. Please select according to the shaft diameter. 

from €353.01*
Shaft anode (split ring), zinc, ø 20-60mm, including screws
Shaft anode (ring) made out of zinc, suitable for shaft-ø 20-60mm; 1 Set = 2 half rings including screws. Please select your shaft size.

from €7.69*
Shaft anode zinc, ø 20-65mm
Shaft anode zinc, suitable for shaft-ø 20-60mm. Please select the size.

from €13.19*
Shaft seal for stuffing box
The shaft seal prevents grease from escaping to the outside and water from penetrating to the inside! Please select the size based on the shaft diameter.

from €17.39*
Special grease EP/SAL for propellers and stern tubes, 400g cartridge
Special seawater-resistant grease. Suitable for all feathering propellers and stern tubes. 400g cartridge

Stuffing box gland packing / Sealing Strip
The gland packing is pressed onto the shaft with the stuffing box piston, ensuring an even and continuous seal.  Available in various sizes. Please select the desired width and length when ordering.

from €9.70*
Zinc anode for prop nut, width across flats 36-70
Replacement zinc cap/zinc anode for propellernut suitable for width across flats 36-70mm. Please select the correct zinc anode.

from €26.81*