Anode screws for VARIPROP with lock washers, 3 pcs.
Propeller type: GP-80
Fixing screw SET for zinc anode Variprop DF/GP80 - DF140 including of: 3x hexagon socket screw and 3x lock washerIMPORTANT: The lock washers guarantee that the anode is secured!

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Grease nipple M5
Grease nipple M5. Suitable for all Variprofile types and for Variprop types from year of manufacture 1998 and later.

Hand lever grease gun
Hand lever grease gun with high-pressure hose and gripper mouthpiece - suitable for our special grease EP/SAL.

Hexagon head screw / blind plug for feathering propeller
Hexagon screw as blanking plug for both the VARIPROP and the VARIPROFILE feathering propeller: VARIPROP Up to and including year of manufacture 1997 = M6x6mm From year of manufacture 1998 = M5x6mm VARIPROFILE All years of manufacture = M5x6mm Please select your size.

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Locking screw for VARIPROP propeller fixing nut
Grub screw/threaded pin for securing the propeller fixing nut of a VARIPROP feathering propeller. Please select a size or propeller type. Unit: piece

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Loctite thread locker for VARIPROP & VARIPROFILE
LOCTITE low (low strength) threadlocker. Prevents the screws from loosening due to vibration, yet easy to remove. Fl. 3ml LOCTITE medium (medium strength) threadlocker. Prevents the screws from loosening due to vibration and seals them at the same time. Fl. 3ml LOCTITE low+medium (low+medium strength) threadlocker. Set: 1x Loctite low + 1x Loctite medium; 3ml each

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Puller for VARIPROP feathering propellers, 2-/3-/4-blade
Puller for Variprop DF/GP80 - DF140 for 2-, 3- and 4-blade feathering propellers. The puller helps you to easily remove a stuck propeller from your shaft. To order, please select your propeller type and the number of blades. (2-blade puller not pictured)

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Service package for VARIPROP
The service package includes everything you need for independent maintenance of the propeller. The package is available here in the store for the DF/GP-80, 107, 110, 112, 128 and 140 and consists of: 1x grease nipple M51x hand lever grease gun1x cartridge of special EP/SAL grease1x zinc anodeFor the Variprop DF/GP-80 & DF/GP-107 we also offer the service package optionally with magnesium (sweet water) and aluminum anode (brackish water).  For sizes without anode specification, the zinc anode (salt and brakish water) is automatically supplied. To order, please select your propeller type. 

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Special grease EP/SAL for propellers and stern tubes, 400g cartridge
Special seawater-resistant grease. Suitable for all feathering propellers and stern tubes. 400g cartridge

Tikal Tef-Gel® anti-corrosion for SD installations
Corrosion-Stopper, 10 g tube (in ziplock bag)Tef-Gel® is a waterproof, PTFE-based paste that can be used universally. It prevents the blossoming of metal and reliably protects against corrosion between aluminum and stainless steel as well as bronze metals. It can also be used as a seawater-resistant lubricant and as a sealant to stop water ingress.  Always install your screws and bolts with Tef-Gel® and everything will be easy to undo, even after intensive use in seawater. The same applies to shroud tensioners.  Tef-Gel® is not dangerous to health and has no hazard labels. It is also eco-friendly. The product can be stored for a period of more than 10 years. Note: Please note that due to shipping restrictions for liquids, this product can´t be shipped outside Germany.

Variprop anode for DF-80, DF-107, DF-112 and DF-128/140. Available as zinc (salt- and brackish water), magnesium (fresh water) oder aluminium. The Variprop DF 128/140 anode is only available as a zinc anode. Please select the propeller type and the anode material for your order. The anode screws are NOT included. They are available here in our online shop as well.

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