Hook spanner with square pin
Hook spanner with square pin (to DIN 1810 A) for stuffing boxes. For the correct size, simply select the shaft diameter.

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ManeCraft mechanical seal type EM-metric Ø 25-50 mm
The maneCraft sterntube seal has been specifically designed to meet the demands of today's recreational and commercial marine industry. maneCraft benefits from the decades of experience of John Crane Marine International, a leader in the manufacture of sealing systems for marine and commercial shipping in over 100 nations. Drip-free - your bilge stays dry and clean Self-adjusting - This seal automatically compensates for wear and, unlike stuffing boxes, requires no adjustment Maintenance-free - Once installed, the seal requires no maintenance. Nevertheless, an inspection should be carried out at regular intervals! The maneCraft seal has a built-in emergency stop device and is classified by Germanischer Lloyd.maneCraft seals are easy to install. They replace old stuffing box systems. They do not need to be packed with gland packing and do not need to be readjusted. There is also no risk of the seal cutting into the shaft. The maneCraft mechanical seal replaces the stuffing box without having to replace the propeller shaft, even if there are constrictions in the shaft surface caused by the old stuffing box packing. All you need to do is carry out a regular inspection after the seal has been fitted in accordance with the installation instructions. This should be carried out in conjunction with the inspection of sea hoses, sea valves and other elements located below the waterline. To calculate the shaft revolutions, use the following calculation:nshaft = max. motor revolutions : gear ratio For higher speeds, all sets mentioned are also available as high-speed versions. In this case, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you. Set + shaft diameter(metric / inch)stern tube diametermax. shaft rotationEM 2  25mm / 1" - 1 1/8"35mm - 43mm1800EM 3  25mm / 1" - 1 1/8"43mm - 51mm1800EM 4  30mm / 1 1/4"43mm - 51mm1740EM 5  30mm / 1 1/4"51mm - 60mm1740EM 6  35-40mm / 1 3/8" - 1 1/2"51mm - 60mm1670EM 7  35-40mm / 1 3/8" - 1 1/2"60mm - 70mm1670EM 8  45mm / 1 3/4"70mm - 80mm1560EM 9  50mm / 2"70mm - 80mm1560

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PSS mechanical seal - No grease - No gland packing - No seals - Maintenance-free
The PSS mechanical seal is a shaft seal that ensures sealing between the flat surfaces of the rotating stainless steel rotor and the stationary carbon flange with rubber bellows. The rubber bellows forms the connection between the stern tube and the carbon flange and is secured with hose clamps. The rotor is pushed in front of the carbon flange and the rubber bellows is first pre-tensioned before the rotor is secured with screws. This preload compensates for the movements of the shaft and ensures contact between the flat surfaces. Any vibrations and angular deviations are compensated for by the larger bore of the carbon flange and the seal can move freely on the shaft. The stainless steel rotor is sealed to the shaft by two O-rings and rotates together with the shaft, preventing wear on the shaft. Information for ordering: An overview of the available dimensions can be found under "Downloads PDF". The product brochure can also be found there. Please select the shaft and stern tube diameter. Other/different sizes on request!

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Shaft seal for stuffing box
The shaft seal prevents grease from escaping to the outside and water from penetrating to the inside! Please select the size based on the shaft diameter.

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Stuffing box gland packing / Sealing Strip
The gland packing is pressed onto the shaft with the stuffing box piston, ensuring an even and continuous seal.  Available in various sizes. Please select the desired width and length when ordering.

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VARISEAL stuffing box
Our SPW VARISEAL stuffing box offers 3-fold safety thanks to a 3-chamber system. This 3-chamber system includes the following components: 1.     Tallow band seal: The tallow band seal is pressed onto the shaft with the stuffing piston, ensuring an even and continuous seal. 2.   Grease chamber: An additional grease cushion inside the bush (supply by means of a grease accumulating bush or grease gun) provides the shaft with excellent sliding properties. Thereby,  firstly safety is guaranteed, and, secondly, the danger of the shaft running in - due to dry tallow bands - is minimized many times over! 3.    Shaft seal: A shaft seal prevents grease from escaping to the outside and water from penetrating to the inside! 4.     Including the tube and 4 heavy-duty clamps. ATTENTION: Please state the shaft- and stern tube diameter when ordering! The following standard sizes are available from stock (please see picture "Stopfbuchse Zusammenbau 2023 eng"): Ø Seals in mmØ Sterntube in mmA in mmB in mmC in mm2035 - 50149104Ø502235 - 50149104Ø502540 - 50149104Ø503045 - 55149104Ø553245 - 55149104Ø553550 - 70149104Ø653855 - 70149104Ø654060 - 70149104Ø704570 - 80184119Ø805070 - 90194129Ø805580 - 95194133Ø1106080 - 95224154Ø110

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