Antifouling & Vinyl Primer - JOTUN
New, effective propeller antifouling spray: JOTUN Aqualine Spray & Vinyl PrimerJOTUN Aqualine Spray is a special aerosol antifouling spray paint for the protection of bronze propellers and other underwater parts, such as the shaft, shaft bracket or the end piece of the stern tube, as well as Z-drives or rudder systems. In addition to the excellent effectiveness of the antifouling against growth, it also provides good protection against electrolysis. For this purpose, it is necessary to apply a barrier coat with the corresponding vinyl primer before applying the antifouling. The propeller is then protected against fouling and electrolysis.The JOTUN-Aqualine antifouling paint is available from SPW as a spray in the color grey. You can choose both the paint and the primer in a 0.4 l spray tin or both in a SET. We at SPW are delighted with the JOTUN antifouling, which has proven itself excellently on our own yachts in the North Sea. We continue to collect experiences from Mediterranean and Baltic sailors. Hazard warnings: Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurized container: May burst if heated. Causes severe eye irritation. May cause allergic skin reactions. May cause sleepiness and light headedness. Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Note: Please note that this product can´t be shipped outside Germany due to DHL shipping restrictions for spray cans. In the case of an order to an EU country, we can offer you a different shipping method. In this regard, please contact us at +49471-77047 or by email at Please note our safety data sheets in the download area below.

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Crystal Prop, antifouling paint, 100 ml
Crystal Prop is a self-cleaning, biocide-free, non-flaking, long-lasting paint. It has been specially developed for use on propellers, shafts, struts, sail drives, outdrives and other metal underwater equipment. Once applied, it creates a durable, hard and smooth surface to which no fouling can adhere. Crystal Prop does not require a primer as it adheres extremely well to metal. This makes it extremely durable and able to withstand the cavitation of propellers. The Crystal Prop Kit consists of two bottles of paint and hardener, which are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. It is a one-coat application that can be applied with a brush or as a spray.Each SET consists of:Paint, 50ml Hardener, 50ml mixing containerCrystal Prop creates an extremely smooth propeller surface, resulting in less water resistance. This improves the overall performance of the boat and leads to a higher hull speed, lower fuel consumption and better protection against cavitation. Sea growth cannot adhere to the paint. A treated propeller cleans itself as soon as it starts to turn. In contrast to conventional antifouling coatings, Crystal Prop does not lose its efficiency even after extended use.PERMANENT BARRIERSRC on the propeller shaft It forms an excellent barrier against corrosion by forming a strong protective film over the metal, shielding it from galvanic currents. This extends the service life of victim anodes. Crystal Prop is an eco-friendly product that is free from harmful toxins, biocides and metals.SIMPLE APPLICATIONThe SRC is non-corrosive because it is made of nylon.Are you looking for an uncomplicated solution to protect your boat from fouling? Unlike other antifouling paints, Crystal Prop is incredibly easy to apply. You can use a brush or spray gun to apply a single coat and that's it! The result is a durable protective coating that keeps your boat looking and performing at its best. And with a drying time of just 2 hours and a launching time of 48 hours, you'll be back on the water in no time. One 100ml kit of Crystal Prop is enough for about 1.5 square meters of metal surface.One 100 ml Crystal Prop kit is sufficient for: 3-blade, 16” propeller 5 times4-blade, 20” propeller 3 times3-blade, 16” propeller 1 timeWhen fully cured, Crystal Prop is an environmentally friendly product that is free of harmful toxins, biocides and metals.It dries to a hard and smooth surface that acts as an anti-fouling coating. Marine growth cannot adhere to the surface. As soon as water flows over the surface, any fouling slides off.What is the shelf life of Crystal Prop?Crystal Prop has a shelf life of 2 years if stored unopened in a cool, dry place. Once opened, however, it can only be kept for up to 6 months if it is properly resealed. To keep the product fresh, it is important to close the bottle tightly and store it upside down after opening. Can Crystal Prop be repaired?Yes, to reapply it is sufficient to sand the surfaces with 240 grit sandpaper and reapply. Does Crystal Prop adhere to plastic?Crystal Prop is designed to adhere to underwater metals. However, with a plastic primer, it will also adhere to underwater plastics.See simple instructions in the download area.